What to eat before a workout

assorted seeds and fruits
Pre Workout snacks could range in various forms

As with anything, preparation is the key to success. In this case, success means a good post workout feeling and maybe a stride towards achieving your long term goal. Could be running a thanksgiving 5k or could be  gaining muscle mass. In order to achieve this good feeling, we prepare in some sorts.

So how do you prepare for a workout. Legendary cross-fitter and 5 time fittest man of the year Mat Fraser once told on Joe Rogan’s podcast, the preparation for your next workout begins right after the end of the current workout. We can all relate to his statement but despite trying our best to be prepared, most of the times we end of searching or looking for a quick bite/snacks right before our workouts. So here are a few things consider before choosing what to eat right before you workout.


Now that you have an idea of how to approach, let us look at a few items to eat.


Bottom line:

It is beneficial to consume snacks an hour or so before your workout.

Portion should be simple and easy.

They need to be easily digestible.

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