After hours of sleep, your body will be all jammed up, stiff and unwilling to move.

What better way to start your mornings than to loosen up with a few quick fire Stretches?

Before going into the stretches, couple of things to take care of. Make sure you breathe properly. Also, if no pain no gain notion does not apply.

  1. Child’s pose to Cobra

    Cobra Pose is also known as Bhujangasana in sanskrit. It is a part of the well known Surya Namaskar. This stretch has a lot of benefits, primarily strengthening the spine. It stimulates the abdomen and the buttocks.

  2. Kneeling Spine Rotation

    This stretch helps stabilize the upper back. There is little lower back movement. The focus is on rotating the thoracic spine. Make sure the core is tight.

  3. Adductor/Groin Stretch

    The importance of adductors are not talked about enough. They are important not just for the athletes. We use these muscles everyday. If we can activate it early in the morning, we will feel much better all day.

  4. Dog March, 3 Legged

    3 legged dog march is a really good stretch for the overall hip mobility. It activates the glutes and helps strengthen them. Lot of people struggling from groin and hamstring pain use this exercise as an overall strengthening maneuver.

  5. Hip Opener

    Prajwal Gautam

    This simple hip opener helps relieve tension and strengthen the hip area. So much of the moves we do in everyday life requires the usage of hip. The power comes form the hip and glutes. Hence there is a necessity to perform this exercise.

Check this video out:


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