As someone who is committed to eating clean and healthy, I am open to trying new products. Whilst trying these items, if I get to ameliorate my nutritional habits, it helps me live a healthier life.

So, few months ago I came across Hello Fresh at a relative’s place. Finally, I ordered some at my own crib and now its time to see how they taste.

Before actually getting Hello Fresh, I had dallied on ordering it, citing relatively high prices combined with the fact that I love doing groceries myself.

Among the few meals on the menu, I tried Arroz con Pollo first which means Chicken Rice in English.


As you can see on the leaflet below, Arroz Con Pollo can be made fairly quickly, 20-25 minutes. Most of the ingredients are already given except for some Salt, pepper and oil/butter.

Rice is made separately to the Chicken so they can be cooked parallel to save time.

The instructions are nice and easy to follow.

The ingredients given are labeled clearly and are sampled proportionately except for maybe the Mexican Spice Blend. I decided to use half of the Spice Blend as it was a lot for me.

Getting Started

Cooking process is pretty straightforward. All we need is a pan and a pot to cook Rice and Chicken separately.

The meal could be enough for 2-3 people depending on how their appetite is.

The Good

Easy: The meal was easy to make. Instructions were clear.

Healthy: This might not be unexpected but the meal is actually healthy, in contrast to other products that label themselves as ‘healthy’.

Balanced Diet: Personally, I believe proper nutrition is gained not just by eating healthy but also eating a balanced diet. This meal was well balanced. Although it did not have nutrition label on it, there was tons of protein in chicken breast, ample amount of carbs with brown rice and decent fat from red pepper crema.

Calories: As far as calories, per serving is 750 calories, decent amount for a meal for an average adult. The fact that it has good nutritional calories instead of empty calories makes it worth trying.

Could have been better

Rice: Rice was Parboiled. For anyone who doesn’t know what Parboiled rice is, it is rice that has been partially boiled in the husk. Compared to white rice, parboiled rice has fewer calories, fewer carbohydrates, more fiber, and more protein. This makes it a healthier alternative to traditional white rice.

Technically, its healthy but for someone like me, who works out a lot, this rice will not fulfill your appetite. I wish there was a mixture with white rice or maybe a different form of rice such as brown rice.

Time: Similarly, if the whole goal of Hello Fresh is to save time then why does is take a while to get the food ready. For example, it takes a while to peel the onions and cut the veggies. Yes, keeping it fresh is the key but the actual cooking took a while longer than expected.

Doesn’t one grocery run during the week incorporate for the all the ingredients we used here?

Portion: They state in the leaflet that you can add 2 cups of extra water for 2 additional servings. That doesn’t make sense because just adding more water does not increase the volume of rice. It just makes the rice more soggy.

Lime/Onion: While the lime and onion both were edible, they looked like they had been on the shelf for a while. May be they wanted to get rid of the older products?


Overall, I really liked the meal. For someone who loves rice, chicken and veggies, I knew this would be a safe product to try taste wise. You can’t really go wrong with the combo. Nevertheless, I hadn’t tried Mexican spice blend and smoky lime crema. The latter tasted yummy, made the meal really tasty.

I would give it a solid 8/10.

Would I try it again? It depends. If I get a good deal such as a decent discount, I will.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely, at least give it a try.

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