Last Friday, I was at the Star in Frisco, the indoor training facilities for the America’s team, Dallas Cowboys. It was an open practice session which lasted an hour with players barely breaking sweat.

As someone who watched the open session for the first time in person, it really felt chaotic, with players and coaches all over the place. Let’s just say it felt more like a warm up or cool down session. And although it looked chaotic I was not surprised knowing the presence of fans alike they would not go all out or showcase their playbook. What surprised me though is the handling of the quarter back, holding the most important position arguably in the whole NFL, at least on the media eyes, Dak Prescott.

He came out along with the other players but warmed up on the sidelines with a physio. Did not participate in the Qb drills. Made a few throws at the pylons on the sidelines from 15 yards. A lot cannot be extracted out of it. Since that day, the preseason game against Texans took place which he did not participate in, not a surprise to any. He did however make 52 throws out of which 51 were completions. While all that sounds positive, the rate at which he is progression is concerning with the opener less than two weeks away. The current injury named as ‘latissimus strain’ is an interesting one which is common to baseball players hence the Cowboys took suggestions from the Rangers and even Yankees. A lot of people have suggested that this injury is a compensation injury from the broken ankle which he is recovering from. I really think Prescott has not fully recovered from the ankle injury yet.

Remember he had to go under the knife twice so obviously there were complications. And in the NFL I have personally seen players fast tracked back into the side compared to other leagues such as the NBA and the Premier League. With the season much smaller 4-5 months, we all can see why but with this comes uncertainties and the term playing-hurt. By the end of the season, there’s hardly any player who is not carrying a nagging injury of some sorts. However, the season has not started yet and the star who just signed a mammoth deal is under the microscope and fears circulating amongst Cowboys insiders, it is hard to be optimistic. And with the lack of transparency surrounding his lat injury its really hard to judge what the real issue is. Since Dak and the Cowboys kept the second surgery a secret, they might be hiding something.

Let’s look at what some reliable sources have commented about Dak’s injury, safe to say they are concerning.

Troy Aikman

The former qb1 had this to say on Dak Prescott’s shoulder injury: “The Cowboys are downplaying it, but I think when your franchise quarterback is missing the amount of time he’s missing, I tend to think it’s probably a little bit more significant than what they have led on.”

Adam Schefter

During halftime of Friday night’s Chiefs-Cardinals game on ESPN, Adam Schefter made a comment that felt initially like a throwaway line but that, based on the words used, seems significant after playing it back a couple of times.

Regarding Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and his lingering absence due to a shoulder strain, Schefter said, “He’s not fully back, he may not be back all season long.”


Ever since Adam Schefter tried to steal the draft day show with his bombshell on Aaron Rodgers, he has lost a lot of credibility so you can say he is overreaction or may be second guessing. I kind of agree with him on this. There are obviously a lot of concerns as we previously stated. Lot of Cowboys fans accuse Aikman of trying  destroying the franchise that made him who he is. I am not sure he is totally at fault. As someone whose job is to commentate and give opinions, he cannot always stand speechless even with the team that made him. All in all, their concerns are justified.

Back to the point of ankle recovery, he is a great duel threat so if he is not able to run and scramble, it will hurt the passing game. The fact that the QB depth chart is worse than last years makes it nervy for the boys. Garrett Gilbert looks to be the backup 1. He showed poise last year when given chance but has looked below average in the preseason. Same with Dinucci. Although Cooper Rush has showed flashes, he is not gonna be the guy to rely on, is he?

What do you think about the injury situation?

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