Hello Fresh Review: Arroz Con Pollo

As someone who is committed to eating clean and healthy, I am open to trying new products. Whilst trying these items, if I get to ameliorate my nutritional habits, it helps me live a healthier life. So, few months ago I came across Hello Fresh at a relative’s place. Finally, I ordered some at my […]

5 Morning stretches to start your day

After hours of sleep, your body will be all jammed up, stiff and unwilling to move. What better way to start your mornings than to loosen up with a few quick fire Stretches? Before going into the stretches, couple of things to take care of. Make sure you breathe properly. Also, if no pain no […]

Massage Gun Review | Homedics Percussion Massager

Post workout recovery is growing in popularity. Yes, nutrition is a big part of recovery but overcoming soreness and tightness using an external material/device is the way to go these days. Amidst this trend, I purchased a Massage Gun to see what the fuss is about. Quick details about it before the actual review: HoMedics […]

What to eat before a workout

What to eat before a workout As with anything, preparation is the key to success. In this case, success means a good post workout feeling and maybe a stride towards achieving your long term goal. Could be running a thanksgiving 5k or could be  gaining muscle mass. In order to achieve this good feeling, we […]

5 Ways to Start Working out

I remember when I started working out many years ago, I used to be intimidated seeing the fitness centers as well as the people and their fitness level. More than that, I was embarrassed by my fitness level and my incompetencies. I would shy away from these places. Mostly because I was already in my […]