Going to the gym on a regular basis
Going to the gym could be so therapeutic

I remember when I started working out many years ago, I used to be intimidated seeing the fitness centers as well as the people and their fitness level. More than that, I was embarrassed by my fitness level and my incompetencies. I would shy away from these places.

Mostly because I was already in my late teen years and lot of the ‘athletic development’ years were behind me, I felt overwhelmed and felt like I was running out of time. To be fair, I tried to hit the weights room when I was 14 but my guardians thought I was too young and my growth and development would be hampered. Not a shot on anyone but the reality of the situation. For a few years, I would play indoor football and a few pickup games here and there. However, there came a time where I said to myself, enough is enough, no one is going to change you, you have to get out of your shell and be a regular.

Things have changed over the years and I am seen as a gym freak amongst my friends. Consequently, I get a lot of questions about how to begin and be consistent.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone.
    A journey of million miles starts with a few steps so getting out there is the start and as they say a majority of the work! This might not sound hard but when it’s cold and wintery, it is easier to sleep through.
  2. Substitute and mix it up.
    Doing the same workout or even same movement can be boring and painstaking. It will wear you out. Changing it up, trying new forms of workout or even cross training will be helpful. For example, go play tennis with friends, swim during summer time. You can substitute these during your gym days.
  3. Do not expect changes right away.
    Although it is normal as a human to expect changes right-away. Flexing at the LA Fitness bathroom mirror and snapping a picture of your pumped biceps to your friends will of course get you going. In fact, placebo effect might actually adhere to your aspirations. However, after a couple of weeks, changes will not be as prominent and you would have to be really patient. If you are trying to lose weight, it might take time, remember it took years for your to gain, won’t be easy to lose it. If you are looking to get faster, you will need consistent training. I will not get into the details as there are plenty of variables.
  4. Take rest days.
    Do not wear yourself out. Your body will experience soreness and fatigue so take it easy in the beginning. Slowly work your way up. Remember, your body need recovery time and it can only function for so long. Going all out everyday will open the door for injuries and mishaps.
  5. You are your only true competition.
    If there are 7 billions people in the universe, why is it so hard to find someone exactly like you in all forms, appearance, structure & physique? Every one is different and so are their bodies. As mentioned earlier, there are so many variables in play, genetics, environment, diet, eating habit, sleeping habit and so forth. Hence we are all different and to compare ourself to someone else is not fair to our body although we can definitely take inspiration and motivation from people around us.

As you get more comfortable, familiar, and consistent, going to the gym will become a part of your lifestyle and no longer a burden. Hope you can overcome the obstacles and create a better and healthy habits.

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